SEO – Using Blog Comments To Increase SEO

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SEO – Using Blog Comments To Increase SEO

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One interesting and little known form of SEO is leaving keyword-enriched comments on other people’s blogging sites.
This is the secret to SEO success that many bloggers use to attract them to their bummarketing links or to their website selling products. In fact leaving comments on other people’s blogs that are relevant to your own can double and even triple the visitors to your own site.

Your first task is to do a Technorati search by posting an article and then searching for your article to see whom else might be blogging on it. This is one way of finding blogs you can exchange links with. Yet another way is to do a Google search to try and pick the right blog.

One key to picking good blogs to comment on is to pick ones that have high quality content and keywords that are similar to your own but don’t have many other comments on them. If you choose a blogger that is deluged with comments he or she may not bother to backline to you as you are at the end of the caboose.

One way to get a blogger to pay attention to you is to ask a provocative yet relevant question of the material he or she is posting. This not only attracts people to the link to your blog it also will get the attention of the owner of the blogger site who may even choose to engage in a long exchange of comments with your. This is great for both of you as it is organic SEO full of the terms and phrases that people naturally search for and the search engines will love to pick up the naturally refreshed content. This is the best kind of SEO because a) you don’t have to pay for it and b) it is great word of mouth that often reinforces your credibility as an expert.