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Lies About Homeschoolers

17 January 2012 5 Comments

1370969_slick_chrome_numbered_buttons_2This is a fun video going through several of the homeschool stereotypes; kids are sheltered, go to church 7 days a week (that part is particularly funny), are all shy, don’t do any schoolwork, and do all their schoolwork in their pajamas.

7 Lies about homeschoolers video - by blimeycow

Anyone know if he really was a homeschooler? He has many other videos, most of them making humorous commentary about politics or things in the news. A Colbert/Stewart in training? Wouldn’t it be great if the next great comedian was a homeschooler?

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  • Casa vacanze macerata said:

    Lol, you gave me a few minutes laughing, thanks for posting this video! It reminds me when I was a student.

  • Judy said:

    I know some home schooled kids, and they are awesome

  • Homeschooling Resources said:

    This video made me laugh. Society as a whole has such a negative view of homeschooling…unfortunately, much of it has to do with media representations of us. I see headlines all the time like “Killer Homeschooling” and they really make me angry! I’m glad that an actual kid that was homeschooled has spoken out about this.

  • Appl said:

    This makes me angry. I was “home schooled” if you can call what my parents did home school. I was extremely sheltered. I did no school work. I had no friends. I was painfully shy. I guess at the very least, I didn’t do school work in my pajamas…because I didn’t do any. SO people like my parents are what make stereotypes like this. And people making fun of the kids, who don’t have any say in the matter, are thoughtless and rude.

  • des said:

    Interesting post! My younger brother was homeschooled and he did “religion” everyday and he’s very smart but he never graduated and he left home before he was 18 so it depends on parents and the reasons why they homeschool. It’s true that some homeschoolers yearn for a normal life and others think that the world and its influences are evil. What really matters is how do they interact once they do spend most of their time away from their parents. I’m working on a plan that homeschoolers can go to college without ever leaving home too! but that’s another issue.

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