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Mom Making Money While Homeschooling

28 April 2009 6 Comments

1148473_road_to_successGrace emailed me with a question about mom making money and homeschooling. I emailed her my experience, but I thought that she’d benefit from a wide range of opinions. Can you help Grace think of ways to make money while homeschooling?

Dear Tammy,
I’m a mother of a 2 yr old son, located in the mountains of WNC. We are definitely going to homeschool our little boy, and have started researching different educational structures and programs.  I’ll need to review your blog better this evening, but wanted to touch base, say hi, and ask you an odd question:

My husband and I operate a small timber frame design and build company.  As our boy gets older, we both want to be around him more and more and more!  He’s just that cute and cool! We have discussed the idea of working in the homeschool industry. Is it a legitimate business opportunity or a real way to help pay for the cost of homeschooling your own kid?  I’m not interested in pyramid schemes or MLMs, but we all need to make a living and things cost money.  I love to teach and to learn, but I don’t want to hustle for money, I’d just rather bake some bread, work in the garden, cut a timber and design a frame (which is what we do now).  My husband wants to to start training little Malcolm to ride motocross, and so he thought that maybe I could work the homeschool gig with other kids at the track or the training facility.  I dunno how to even analyze that option.  Any advice will be welcomed.


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  • Liese4 said:

    You don’t have to work in the HS’ing industry to HS. I think you are already homeschooling your son. He sees that you love what you do, he helps you out, he see a strong work ethic and family time. He is learning about what you do, why stop that to sell books? If you want to make money on the side as he gets older you could tutor or offer classes to homeschoolers or I guess even sell curriculum, but if you don’t need to do that then I would stick with what you have.

    You can homeschool your son at your business, or you can school in the evening when you get home. I know many families who run small businesses and the kids take over the cash register, ordering, helping customers during the day and get in their school work in breaks or after work.

    That’s just my 2 cents!

  • Ali said:

    This is our first year homeschooling. I have three kids and was also concerned about the money thing. I have found that homeschooling is not as expensive as I first thought. However, I did find that I wanted money for something else entirely — a housecleaner! I just couldn’t keep up with it like I wanted to. So, I began teaching piano lessons again, something I’d done to get myself through college years ago. I only have one student, but it is just enough money to pay a cleaning lady to come once a month and give my house a good cleaning. So, to answer your question in a roundabout sort of way, my advice would be to teach, tutor, or offer classes in your areas of expertise: music, reading, building, crocheting, art — whatever it is.

  • Grace said:

    Malcolm is learning so much from just being around us and chipping in as he can. He helped carry in some fire wood this winter and his bike riding abilities are crazy good. I’m concerned that I’ll be unable to juggle homeschool, work and home. I think that working in homeschool time around my schedule is a really good tip. I am becoming more interested in becoming involved with other homeschoolers or outside-of-schoolers. I’m thinking about tutoring math, drawing, and cooking&baking.

  • mommymakingmoney lei said:

    i hope this could help you, you can plan your whole week activities ahead of time, spend time cooking and eating bfast with your kid, a simple review and 45 mins per each session is a good start for your school program. if you work at home and so busy with the schooling, donot be afraid to let everyone know what you do and let them be inform of your schedule. i think there are alot of online business and job you can check before actually joining.

    mommymakingmoney lei’s last blog post: earn money using myLot

  • Theresa said:

    Tammy, I need the same information.
    I need to start making money now while I am homeschooling and still married. Things seem to be a little rocky for us right now and I need to somehow have steady income coming in so I can have a nest egg saved. Right now all I am able to do is just pray and pray everyday. It’s a unique situation to much to explain. If anyone is of christian faith as I am please pray for us. That no matter what happens that me and the children have a good safe place to live and our needs met.Whether our marital problems are resolved or for some reason the Lord allows it to end, I want to know that I am in God’s will and plan for our family and that Our children are happy. I love my husband very much and want us to be together. What he wants , I do not know, but I know he loves our children too. I do need to have money of my own though, for now and the future, it just seems better when I don’t have to totally depend on him. We both chose to homeschool our children and until the last 2 years. I worked part-time in the afternoons and homeschooled in the mornings, but 2 newest little ones came along, it just made since for me to stop working part-time and be home fully with them. Now things in our marriage has become more complicated.
    Prayers and advice on jobs for at home moms would be great.

  • Tiffany said:

    Hi Ladies,
    Just doing a little browsing around and found this web site. Wanted you to know my situation. I have been a homeschooling mom for 9 yrs. I am mother to 6 wonderful children and my husband is a pastor. I used to be a full-time dental hygienist before my oldest turned 4 when we made the decision to homeschool our children. My husband and I have just started our own business this past year and it allows us to work from home. It has been an answer to our prayers. If you would be interested in hearing about our business, drop me a note. I would love to chat.

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