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Homeschool Mistakes in 2008

2 January 2009 6 Comments

1078182_failureNow that 2008 is over, I’m looking back at last year, and thinking about the mistakes that I made and want to avoid this year. Kind of a post-game wrap-up.

2008 was a good year for us. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot of things, and kept healthy relationships. Even so, we are not perfect.

I made mistakes, and hopefully this year I’ll make different ones.

Mistake #1: Having too much on our plate. There were some months there where we had so much going on, I started forgetting appointments and losing things. I like being busy, but there gets a point where it’s just too much. This year, I plan not to make the mistake of doing too much, while avoiding being a sloth.

Mistake #2: Not getting enough outside playtime. I am a home body. I love the outdoors, but I love the indoors more. I try to get us out for a walk or to the park everyday, but I wasn’t as diligent in 2008 as I have been in previous years. The kids are getting older, and it’s not as simple as sticking them in the stroller and going somewhere. They have opinions now! And there are 3 of them! Sometimes I get stuck in what’s comfortable. We got a dog a few months ago, and I’m going to make it a point to get the kids out with him everyday. The sun is good.

Mistake #3: I’m no longer reading out loud to the kids. This simply slipped off our nightly routine. We did read a book here and there (notably, the Wizard of Oz). I’d like to make this a consistant part of getting ready for bed, again. There are so many benefits to reading out loud. And it’s fun! It’s a small detail, but it’s worth it.

Mistake #4: Overanalyzing. Sometimes, we just gotta enjoy things and not worry so much about whether they are “good” or “bad”. Like eating ice cream, running in the mud, and writing messily. This was a mistake that I started rectifying a few months ago. I’m still working on it. I like analyzing things! That’s why I am a writer and speaker. It’s fun for me. I mean, that’s why I wrote this post! But, I must remember, it’s not always fun for the person or thing being analyzed…and it can become obsessive. Balance is the key. I am learning to use my superpower in a healthy way.

Overall, though, 2008 was an awesome year for us. We did a LOT of things right. (That’s for the next post.) I’m looking for another great year in 2009.

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  • Mark said:

    These were very good reflections on 2008. Sounds like you are on a good path for starting 2009. I love the idea of reading aloud. Now the children are older I hope they are doing some of the reading aloud. Great fun and a great learning tool.

    Mark’s last blog post: New Year Resolutions - Avoiding The “Jetsons” Trap

  • Luke Holzmann said:

    Great reminders!


    Luke Holzmann’s last blog post: Happy New Year!

  • soizic said:

    One mistake I did not make this year because it was probably my last homeschooling year, but it is one mistake that I made year after year. Take time for yourself…No matter what, don’t wait until the kids graduate to take this time. It is precious and it will make you a better parent.
    By the way, Tammy, your new blog looks great.

  • Obi-Mom Kenobi said:

    Those sound an awful lot like my list of homeschooling mistakes for 2008, too (especially the staying indoors too much one).

    Obi-Mom Kenobi’s last blog post: Just being around her again is… intoxicating.

  • Sandra Foyt said:

    Read aloud while you can! Just like the heading outdoors effort, the kids develop differing opinions as to what they want to hear. Pretty soon, they’d rather read to themselves.

    My kids are now 12 & 9, but it’s almost impossible to wrangle the older one to listen to a read aloud. The best we can do is the audiobooks on long car trips, ’cause I’m taking shared books where I can get them!

    I’m with you on reducing the plate size this year; in fact, my resolution is to up the fun factor with more outdoor play and time just for me. We’re worth it!

    Sandra Foyt’s last blog post: Resolving To Raise The Fun Factor

  • Mark said:

    It is very wise to do a post mortem and assess what worked, what didn’t work and areas which we can improve upon. Your awareness is keen and will make 2010 an even better year!
    Mark´s last blog ..Choosing and Sticking to Your Course Even When Others Say That You Are Wrong My ComLuv Profile

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