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Combat Manipulation with Confidence

Framing and other forms of manipulation are an attempt to get us to live under a value system that benefits the manipulator.

In order to have this strong value system as a guide of what is right and wrong, we have to know consciously, and clearly, what our values are.

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Unschooling Summit - Deschooling and Being OK

This week, Michelle Barone invited me to be a part of the Unschooling Summit. It was great fun, as we talked about deschooling and being OK with where we are at right now.
Today was a live re-cap, with some lively questions about deschooling teens and video games.
Next week, several more speakers, such as Pam Sorooshian and Sandra Dodd, will explore unschooling even further.

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Concerns That Every Parent Should Understand Before They Send Their Children to School

There is a reality to school that few people talk about. Make sure you’re prepared when sending your child to school.

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Lies About Homeschoolers

This is a fun video going through several of the homeschool stereotypes. Wouldn’t it be great if the next great comedian was a homeschooler?

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Mike Feigen - The single secular homeschooling dad of three boys with cystic fibrosis who never was

On January 12th, 2012, Mike Feigen, single father of two twin boys with cystic fibrosis, died in a car crash, hit by a drunk driver. But after a little while, people started asking questions about him.

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Teaching Our Children About Living a Full Life

This story was passed along to me. The original source is unknown. Please contact me if you know. It applies nicely to education, and reminds us about how easy it is to, well, I’ll let you figure that out.

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Oct 1st - Oct 15th is the PSA filing time for independent homeschoolers in California. Also, don’t forget the rest of the paperwork as well.

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Reporter Asks About Unschooling and Tiger Moms

Are there instances where unschooling doesn’t work? Should there be minimum standards for homeschooled kids? Do unschoolers need a tiger mom to look in once in a while and make sure all is OK?